You don’t need to spend hours on end putting together your Halloween home decor, as long as you have a little imagination. You can turn windows, living room mantels, and even your dinner table into a haunted house! If you’re decorating for a Halloween party, you can also create a Halloween-themed tablescape for your guests to enjoy. Here are some easy decorating ideas. They won’t cost you a fortune, and will still look great.

Skulls are a good way to transform an indoor space into a spooky dungeon or mausoleum. There are even carved skull candles in gorgeous autumnal colors. These are perfect for a spooky Halloween home decor touch without breaking the bank. Felt pumpkins are an inexpensive way to embrace the warm side of Halloween. Place them in an obscure corner of the room, and add a cauldron if you like.

You can also use candles to set the mood. White candles will give the spookiest look, and they are easy to find. Mix different sizes of candles and tealights for an eerie effect. If possible, keep your lights dim so that they can cast flickering shadows. You can also add a skeleton glass to a glass pumpkin and string lights to it. You’ll have the creepiest home on the block!

If you’re not too into scary decorations, consider a more whimsical approach. Pumpkins make great decor for both the inside and outside of your home. You can paint them orange or use glitter or buttons to give them a more spooky look. If you’re decorating for a Halloween party, a mummy or skeleton on the door can serve as a spooky welcome sign for guests. Or, if you’re into haunted houses, get a poster of the Haunted Mansion, and put your family’s name on it to create a personalized greeting for guests.

Skeletons are another traditional symbol for Halloween decorating. They are creepy and are an essential part of the celebration. Even though they’re fake, spiders are still popular decorations. Because they’re feared as supernatural creatures, they are also a symbol of death. And as we know, they can kill people. For this reason, they’re on the scary list of Halloween symbols. You’ll notice fake spiders in many homes.

Skeletons have been associated with Halloween for thousands of years. Celtic people view the skull as the house of the soul. Because of this, villagers would dress up as dead people to attract the spirits of the dead. Skeletons, of course, have that deathlike gaunt look that evokes a sense of terror. This is just one way you can decorate for Halloween and create an atmosphere for your guests. There are many more ideas to make your home feel haunted this season.

If you’re decorating for a scary Halloween party, the decorations can’t be more creepy. This Old House has searched the shops for terrifying decorations, but theirs are a little more subtle. If you’re worried about scaring off your trick-or-treaters, you can buy faux black cedar wreaths, which look very sophisticated. A pre-lit Drippy Halloween garland will top it off. You can also use faux pumpkin-hued linen napkins and paper placemats for the holiday.