You can add a rustic, farmhouse look to your interior design with the help of modern home decor ideas. Whether it is a simple easy chair or a small centre table, you can create a cozy and functional space. Adding memorabilia, like sports team and football trophies, can be a great conversation starter. Modern planters can hold faux plants and other materials. They can be customized to suit any style or look.

One of the main differences between modern and traditional home decor is that these trends are often focused on vintage or refurbished pieces. In contrast, modern homes are often white with clean lines and freshly plastered walls. However, you can incorporate popular trends into your modern home, such as a 1970s-style floor tile or a statement plant. You don’t need to cover the entire wall with these items, either; you can use the trend in smaller doses.

One of the definitive features of modern home decor is open floor plans. Older traditional homes tend to silo each area into its own room. This makes a home feel closed off and rigid, but open floor plans make the space feel more welcoming. And, since there aren’t physical barriers, you’ll always have new design options to explore when redecorating. The possibilities are endless. You’ll find that the right color palette can transform any room into an elegant and stylish space.

While neutral tones have long been popular, it is now making a comeback in home decor. Instead of white walls, try using wallpaper on the walls. Wallpaper with a botanical design will blend in with the accessories. Adding wallpaper to the walls will add an unexpected touch to modern decor. The subtle texture of botanical wallpaper will add depth and visual interest to shelves while also blending in with accessories. And don’t forget to keep your windows and doors open and free from clutter.

Another modern home decor idea is to add patterned tiles to your home’s floor. Mosaic patterned glass tiles add a splash of color to any room. Whether you’re adding tiles to the entryway or a new backsplash, the look is sure to add interest. The retro trend continues to influence interior design, so you can find a stylish and timeless way to create a look you’ll be proud of.

Lighting is another key to a contemporary look. Dim lighting is not the best way to highlight expensive ornaments. You must control both natural and artificial light. Make sure to allow natural light to fill your living room if you want to have a more dramatic design. Opt for pendant lights, wall-mounted lamps, table lamps, or rustic floor lamps instead of overhead lights. By using a mixture of these lighting options, you can create a dramatic space that will be the envy of your guests.