If you’re a beginner gardener, you may be overwhelmed by the various tips and tricks you can follow to grow healthy food. From planting veggies to knowing when to divide hostas and prune hydrangeas, you’ll be able to answer your common questions. And remember: gardening is fun! Nature is a great teacher, so follow along with these basic gardening tips and enjoy growing food. Listed below are a few of our favorite gardening tips:

Learn to love gardening in the summer. Summertime weather is the perfect time to start your gardens, but it can also be a killer of endurance in the scorching sun. There’s still plenty of time to get in some gardening, but here are five essential summer gardening tips to stay in good shape! Enjoy the beautiful weather, and get your garden in shape! So, start your summer projects and reap the rewards! The following tips will help you stay in shape while you’re gardening this summer!

o Don’t forget to research local plants. Learn which ones grow well in your region. Once you’ve decided what to grow, plot your garden’s location. Make sure to check the soil type. Then, choose plants that will grow well together. Also, remember to stagger your plantings. Plant early-season vegetables and fruits, and late-season flowers. This will help you reap a variety of produce in a shorter period of time.

o Use clear plastic bins for gardening. These inexpensive containers serve as mini-greenhouses for seedlings, but they also have other uses off-season. For instance, you can use them as pest-control containers by filling them with Miracle-Gro Moisture Control Potting Mix. This potting mix will help your plants grow and thrive. And, because it’s formulated specifically for pots, it will protect against over-watering.

o Create raised beds. Raised garden beds not only look nice, but they’re also more convenient for people with back issues. Cement blocks make an excellent planter, and square foot gardening is also an option. You can also use cement blocks to create vertical gardens. Hanging pocket organizers can be converted into a vertical garden. The possibilities are endless! And there are so many ways to save space, so take advantage of these gardening tips and create an attractive yard!

o Use empty wine or beer bottles. Empty wine or beer bottles can be filled with water, and then placed in planters. The water in the bottle slowly transfers into the soil, saving you the trouble of daily watering. Another great tip for saving water is to turn an old cement block into a raised garden bed. With this method, you can water your plants on dry days, and save money on utility bills. Moreover, you can use K-Cups to start seeds.