You may be wondering how to keep birds out of your garden. Well, there are many ways to prevent the critters from ruining your garden, including scarers, decoys, and bird feeders. Aside from causing damage, birds also leave copious amounts of droppings and disease, which can devalue your property. These factors can cause you to spend more money on repairs. In order to avoid the hassle and expense of cleaning up their mess, you may want to take measures to deter them from coming to your garden.

One of the easiest ways to discourage birds from pecking at your plants is to place fake predators in your garden. Although these will deter the birds at first, they will eventually learn to recognize fake predators. For example, you can place a plastic snake near the base of plants that attract birds, which are known to peck at the ground. This will deter birds from pecking the ground as often as possible.

Another method for keeping birds out of your garden is to make your plants inaccessible for the animals. Toy owls and plastic snakes are effective decoys to discourage neighborhood birds. Make sure to move the plastic snakes around regularly. You can also use reflective tape on buildings and trees around the garden, as well as hanging them from branches. You can also place shiny toy pinwheels strategically around your garden.

One of the most common ways to deter birds from eating your plants is to create scarecrows. Scarecrows are an effective deterrent and are a tried-and-true method to keep birds out of your garden. You can make a scarecrow out of old clothes or even use an actual scarecrow. For a more effective scare tactic, you can also place reflective objects around your garden, such as a hat or boots.

If you want to create a barrier to prevent birds from pecking at your plants, you can use netting for your garden. Butterfly netting is an excellent choice, but make sure to raise the netting up rather than laying it directly on your plants. By doing this, birds will be prevented from landing on top of your plants, creating a tunnel of netting around your plants. Make sure that the netting has holes no bigger than one centimeter in diameter and can be easily pulled tight.

One effective way to prevent birds from pecking at your plants is by creating an enclosed garden bed. You can either build a fence around your garden, or you can build a garden bed over your existing bed. You can use chicken wire or mesh, which have smaller holes. Either way, make sure the bird netting is securely fixed to the structure and doesn’t interfere with the growth of the plants. Another way to keep birds out of your garden is to provide alternative food sources, such as berries or fruits.

You can also deter birds by hanging reflective items on nearby trees and staked poles. Another way to deter birds is to use reflective objects such as old CDs or mylar balloons. These can be easily placed and moved to keep them guessing. If you’re worried about the security of your garden, dogs are also great for deterring birds. So, there are several ways to keep birds away from your garden.