Whether you’re going to be hosting a weekend away or a long-term stay, there are some guest room ideas that can help make your home more inviting. By keeping a few simple touches, you can help make your guests feel welcome while also blending the amenities of a hotel with the charm and intimacy of your own home.

Layer rugs instead of table lamps

Using layer rugs instead of table lamps is a great way to improve the look and feel of your guest room without breaking the bank. Not only will it add a touch of class and style, it will also protect your floors from spills and accidents.

Layering rugs is especially beneficial if your guest room has limited space. To get the most out of this design technique, it is important to lay your rugs out in a way that complements the furniture. For example, place your rug on a diagonal and lay a runner on either side. This trick will not only create a more spacious feel, but will also allow you to get more of your coveted floor space.

Keep extra blankets and bed linens for guests

Keeping extra blankets and bed linens for guests in guest rooms can be a great way to make guests feel comfortable. This is especially helpful if guests stay in your home for a longer period of time.

Keeping extra blankets and bed linens in guest rooms is easy if you have a spare bedroom. Guests should be provided with at least one set of hand towels and bath towels.

These towels can be stacked together for easy access. They should also be placed on the end of the bed. You can store heavy blankets together in a zippered organizer or in a lidded plastic tote. These storage methods are great for avoiding clutter.

Keep a welcome basket

Keeping a welcome basket in your guest room is a thoughtful way to make your guests feel at home. You can use this basket to help make guests feel more comfortable, or to give them a small welcome gift. This gift can be as simple as a wicker basket, or as elaborate as a wooden box.

When creating a guest welcome basket, think about what a guest needs. Some guests need snacks or beverages while they are in the room. Others may need games or puzzles to pass the time.

The classic welcome basket includes coffee or tea. You can also include snacks such as pretzels, trail mix, or nuts.

Keep a small table and chair

Having a small table and chair in your guest room isn’t all that unusual. The purpose of a guest room is to provide a safe and comfortable place for a visiting family member or friend to stay. A small desk and chair are just one of the many ways to make a guest room functional and attractive.

You may also want to consider a wall mounted desk. This can be used as both a desk and a storage solution. You can also use a small shelf as a guest room desk. This is a particularly useful option if your guest room is small.

Keep a Wi-Fi network and password

Keeping a Wi-Fi network and password in guest room ideas can help protect your home’s Internet. Not only can it provide guests with secure Internet access, it can also protect your home’s devices from malware.

If you have smart home devices, a guest network is a great way to connect them to your home’s Internet. This helps to prevent accidental cyberattacks. Smart home devices are more vulnerable to security breaches than traditional computers.

Using a guest Wi-Fi network provides a different access point for vulnerable devices. It can also make it easier for guests to connect. The “WPS” feature on some routers lets guests connect without having to enter a password.

Combine amenities of a hotel with the intimacy and charm of a home

Whether you’re designing a hotel or resort, or simply furnishing a guesthouse, you want your guests to be impressed and leave with a smile. A well-chosen set of perks can make or break your property’s reputation. A great way to do that is by combining the amenities of a hotel with the intimacy and charm of a home. Using a concierge service, you can make your guests feel right at home. And, because you know they’re staying at your property, you can provide them with everything from a tasty breakfast to a relaxing massage.

The best part? Not only can you provide your guests with amenities that make them feel at home, you can also learn a lot about their travel plans and preferences. In other words, you can provide them with the vacation of a lifetime.

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