If you have a bathroom that is in need of repair or remodeling, you should contact a licensed contractor to complete the job. Bathroom remodeling can involve raw sewage and other water-damaging materials. Standing water and moisture in the bathroom can damage drywall and lumber. Also, plumbing problems can leave behind water that is conducive to the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms. To prevent this, you should have the interior walls and floors of the bathroom thoroughly dried and decontaminated. If left untreated, leftover water from plumbing problems can cause black mold to grow.

When hiring a contractor for your bathroom remodeling project, remember that you want a company that is able to communicate with you and understand your needs. A good contractor will be able to coordinate a team of skilled professionals who will perform the work within your budget and timeframe. Some contractors even offer design services. Before hiring a contractor, gather your ideas and write down your goals for your new bathroom. Once you have a list of contractors, contact them and ask them some basic questions. If possible, you should schedule a site visit to see if they can meet your needs.

Bathroom remodeling is an important task for homeowners, as it can enhance the quality of life while increasing the value of your home. The resale value of a home can increase by as much as 67% of the total project cost. However, the cost of remodeling can be a deterrent for many homeowners.

Lowe’s has several services that specialize in bathroom renovations. Its partnering with Re-Bath can help you convert a bathtub to a shower or make your bathroom accessible for people with disabilities. The company also offers free in-home consultations, so you can discuss your remodeling plans with a qualified professional.

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