If you want your bathroom to appear contemporary, certain design elements are key. Look for flat slender lines and geometric forms in fixtures and mirrors as indicators of modernity.

Textured details, like this floating vanity made from natural wood, add visual interest without creating unnecessary color contrast. They work especially well in modern bathrooms.

Clean lines

Modern bathroom designs emphasize clean lines and aesthetics over details, eschewing ornamentations on tubs, vanities, mirrors and lighting to maintain a functional yet sleek appearance. Opting for oval or rectangle tubs that feature straight, thin lines as wall-mounted faucets is key in this regard.

Choose neutral hues for the walls that can be enhanced with natural textures like wood or concrete, creating a relaxed yet stress-free ambience and pairing well with metallic accents. Light brown tones work particularly well as they create an atmosphere of peace and relaxation while pairing well with metallic touches.

Modern bathrooms can also incorporate bolder color concepts, like a monochrome scheme. Sleek vanity, mirror and hardware will stand out against a white background for an inviting yet sophisticated space. Metallic tiles also add an industrial feel in modern bathrooms from contemporary flow of silver hexagon glass tile to modern industrial feel like Ionic Copper Decor Impact Rectified Porcelain Tiles.

Natural light

Natural light is essential in modern bathrooms. It enhances visibility, creates an uplifting atmosphere, and adds beauty. Installing windows and skylights are great ways of bringing in daylight – their natural illumination showcasing design elements like marble or mosaic tiles, beautiful plumbing fixtures and wooden accents.

Layered lighting can add depth and dimension to a room, instantly making it seem brighter. In this bathroom, recessed and overhead lighting over the shower and wall sconces integrated into mirrors create an appealing unified look while providing even light at face level for grooming and makeup application.

Traditional bathrooms can also provide the opportunity to incorporate natural lighting, whether through windows, glazed doors, or smart window technology that makes certain parts opaque at certain times of the day. By employing natural light sources in your bathroom you can reduce artificial light usage during the day and save both energy and money in the process.


Modern bathrooms are defined by clean lines and open spaces, creating an atmosphere of calmness. To keep your space looking its best while functioning optimally, consider smart storage solutions that both look good and serve their intended function.

Instead of hanging a towel bar, try hanging a shelf like the one from Almost Makes Perfect as open storage that allows you to showcase beautiful soaps, candles or an air plant. A narrow ladder stacked with towels also makes for chic storage near either tub or shower.

Over-the-door baskets have become an indispensable bathroom must-have, keeping hair tools easily accessible off of countertops while remaining out of sight. Dividers allow for the organization and sorting of items by category such as nail products or spa supplies.

If your bathroom doesn’t feature cabinets, consider incorporating a bookcase or piece of furniture that holds all your necessities into it instead. This works particularly well in guest bathrooms. Paint the bookcase so that it blends in seamlessly with its surroundings for a smooth aesthetic.


Modern bathrooms combine minimalist aesthetic with sustainable design in order to maximize space efficiency and reduce clutter, so incorporating an eco-friendly trash can will help maintain an organized bathroom space. A separate waste bin for biodegradable hygiene products, nail clippings, or any other items will further help minimize trash production.

Other sustainable bathroom ideas include making use of recycled materials in bathroom furniture and reconditioned sanitaryware, shopping sustainably for eco paints, and using virtual models in manufacturing processes to save both energy and material resources.

Modern bathroom designs often incorporate harsh lines. By including natural elements such as jute or sisal rugs and round vanity light fixtures with soft lines, contemporary bathrooms become less stark. Also adding floor-to-ceiling windows and an open layout helps maximize natural lighting and give an illusion of larger spaces.

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