Opting for vintage fixtures – for example, a deep-set vanity – avoids delving into anything ornate that could ultimately overwhelm the room. A few hits of pattern here and there (sconces, curtains, towels) show that bathrooms can also look inviting rather than being purely utilitarian, even against a backdrop of dark countertops and tiles. Herringbone wall tiles and an oblong sink in the above-image bathroom add an artful, sophisticated air.

Antique fixtures will need professional maintenance, so look for plumbers who have experience working with period pieces rather than modern-day fixtures.

Clawfoot Tubs

A clawfoot – either heavy cast-iron or lighter, more modern acrylic – brings history and gently romantic elegance to any bathroom, and is easy to refinish when necessary.

Vintage-style feet, available in chrome, brushed nickel, polished brass or oil-rubbed bronze finishes, help to complete the throwback look even if the tub itself is fresh out of the crate. Mixing up feet and faucet finishes for what is called an ‘eclectic’ look is also de rigueur.

Soft textiles are cornerstones of any vintage bathroom theme. Take this soft area rug offering a cushy landing for bare toes, and inset ruffled curtain for rustic-chic cocoons around a pedestal tub. A salvaged rattan bar cart spruced up and styled as a bath caddy and vintage brass tray add instant places to stash soaps and towels in easy reach.

Pedestal Sinks

Whether it’s an upscale clawfoot tub for your time to unwind or an antique pedestal sink for some retro cool, these figurative traditional anchors for your bathroom turn up the heat and stand out. Comfort and utility in old-school style are the hallmarks of traditional bath fixtures.

Pedestal sinks are slowly becoming a thing of the past due to their lack of style but they are great for modern bathrooms due to their clean lines, easy to clean surface, and their small footprint makes them great for smaller spaces!

Wooden woodsoapsand sink skinkerLay the groundworkfor the decor ofyour pedestalsinkwithyourownfingers;surround itwithwooden soap dispensersand bamboostoothbrush holdersadd wood orstonetrays, too. Colours and shapes infuse the room with interest, and retro faucets seem as classically understated against it. It will visually outlast any fashion, but look forever fresh.

Subway Tiles

There’s no question that subway tiles serve as a breathtaking accent wall, an inviting shower stall, or a classic floor. Despite the ebb and flow of trends, the subway tile endures as a timeless mainstay.

Subway tile patterns can have a limitless number of layouts, while staggered or running bond may be success stories in other situations. In this gorgeous crisp white bath, the installation is made up of two bands of 1×2-inch tiles, with a knife-edge liner below.

To ensure the tiles retain their pristine beauty, they must be cleaned regularly with a soft cloth and a light cleaning solution. Maintaining a streak-free finish is particularly important for darker subway tiles, which become muddier with time.

Art Deco Accents

Powerful accents, only a work of art gives the majestic and vintage decor a personal classic feel especially in bathroom design. It will make a dull bathroom fresh and charming, which you can’t achieve with今後5年にifs. For instance, incorporating a vintage free-standing tub into the bathroom adds a certain rusty heat to the place, allowing you to enjoy extra long baths. Ornate porcelain ceramic sinks also contribute to unique vintage decor items, which make any bathroom space classic and polished.

The introduction of pattern, vintage-style tiles can bring retro charm to a bathroom while remaining largely functional, or even upgrade modern-looking facilities; patterned subways are popular. Consider herringbone or basket weave (the proprietors of which were weavers, aptly enough).

Whether it’s floral wallpaper or chinoiserie wallcovering, stick with delicate prints so it doesn’t overwhelm your space. Choose vintage prints with soothing soft neutrals, such as the soft mint in this bathroom from Emily Henderson Design. It showcases both vintage patterns and modern elements, including a wavy black-and-white floral wallpaper with brass vanity hardware for a winning mix.

Shower Faucets

Another popular retro bathroom option is to switch out the shower faucets; cross-handle combinations or porcelain knobs add a traditional look, as do brushed nickel or oil-rubbed bronze finishing touches for a modern-retro feel. Perhaps your steampunk ambitions might be supported by some exposed pipe showerheads, too.

Features such as toilets in the bathroom can help one create a retro feel. For example, floor tiles can be ‘penny’ tiles – hexagonal or round – and classic subway tiles, both of which are available in white, for a clean classic feel; add Art Deco decorations, such as geometric patterns or bolder colour hues, for dramatic effect.

Vintage touches can make your bathroom seem more unaltered through time and beautiful. nevertheless, you should always make sure that you consult a plumbing contractor who has previous experience working with upgrading antique fixtures if you do plan on it.

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