No matter the size or shape, any outdoor space can become your personal paradise – from sprawling backyards to tiny balconies. But where should you begin?

Investment in your patio can have multiple health benefits both physical and mental. Shutting off screens for some hours each day helps relieve eye strain, and being among nature boosts mood.

Adding a Deck or Patio

No matter the budget or desired expenditure, decks and patios form the cornerstone of your backyard oasis. By creating an even surface that provides seating, dining, grilling and more in one level space while making cleanup simple after meals or accidental spills occur, these decks and patios create the ideal setting to build upon.

Plants are one of the easiest and cheapest ways to customize your backyard space, adding both decorative and natural elements. A garden of potted plants, raised flower bed or lush backyard forest offers both privacy and absorbs noise from nearby neighbors – just make sure whatever selections are climate appropriate!

Backyard games add an extra level of excitement and enjoyment to a backyard retreat. From time-tested classics like croquet and badminton to unique variations like treehouses, jungle gyms or tire swings; backyard games provide the perfect way to engage kids while providing adults a break from screen time.

Plants and Flowers

Greenery and flowers in your patio area add a natural, serene vibe that helps create a relaxing ambiance for you and your guests. Plus, plants and flowers help block noise from neighbors or any outside influences that might interfere with creating that relaxing ambience you desire for yourself and them.

No matter the size or shape of your outdoor space, creating an inviting garden can still be achieved on even a modest patio or postage stamp-sized suburban lot. Many plants can thrive even in containers – Most Lovely Things even created their backyard herb garden using raised galvanized stock tank beds on a small gravel patio!

Be sure to add lighting that allows you to continue enjoying your outdoor space long after dusk has fallen, when evening’s chill has set in. Use low-voltage lights for accessing the house and providing ambient lighting in seating areas and landscaping; candlelight or wall-mounted sconces make great dining and conversation areas; overhead task lighting should be installed near any work stations such as grills or an outdoor kitchen.

Comfortable Seating

Backyards require comfortable seating to promote leisure and relaxation. Consider weather-resistant lounge chairs made of weather-proof material or opt for a woven outdoor sofa featuring plush cushions – they will all serve well against harsh elements while remaining easy to maintain and clean up after. Also consider providing tables to store drinks and plates during hot summer days!

Dinette areas are integral parts of backyard oasis ideas, and you have several choices available to you to meet any space constraints. A dining table paired with bench seats creates the ideal setting for casual outdoor meals while an outdoor kitchen set allows for cooking and hosting occasions alike.

Add a fire pit to your patio for cozy evenings spent conversing with family and friends. The best fire pits for decks boast timeless designs that add an eye-catching accent piece, as well as accessories that provide style and functionality.


An outdoor area is the ideal space for entertaining friends and family. Here, you can cook, dine and socialize without needing to scrub down dirty kitchen countertops after every meal – and without risking eye strain from staring at computer or phone screens all day long!

Create your backyard oasis with simple yet stylish teak furniture that requires little or no maintenance, soft rugs that are mold and fade-proof, greenery that attracts birds or bugs, or plants with anti-bug properties to make the area even more inviting.

Lighting design can transform your deck and patio into an enchanting after-dark retreat, creating the ultimate after-dark escape. Create an enchanting experience by selecting fixture types that highlight architectural details while setting an ethereal ambience. Illuminate dining and sitting areas as well as walkways and stairs for safety purposes. Consider including a fire feature as an added family feature – perfect for roasting marshmallows while telling ghost tales on cold evenings!

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