Stencil wall painting adds an eye-catching decorative accent to your walls, while upcycling old wooden crates into beautiful storage containers for kids toys and cosmetics is another fun idea.

Create an upcycled tool holder from old jeans and save old pairs in the process! Karah of The Space Between turned an unwearable pair into an aesthetic organizer for tools.

1. Repurpose Old Furniture

Upcycling, or “upcyling”, is the practice of turning unwanted and old items into functional new ones, creating an eco-friendly hobby and affordable way to add character and depth to any home decor.

Reusing old furniture pieces allows you to craft unique storage solutions and stylish accents. For instance, dressers can become unique shelving units if given a coat of paint in an on-trend shade.

2. Repurpose Old Doors

Everybody gets that DIY urge at some point; rather than taking on big remodeling projects like demolishing walls, try one of these creative repurposing old door ideas instead!

Make a beautiful photo gallery using an old door by following this handy idea from HGTV. This solution is especially ideal for renters who cannot modify walls.

Deana Hubbard offers this project to transform a door into a cozy bench, an excellent way to use up leftover paint as well as create something useful!

3. Repurpose Old Windows

Old windows add charm and can easily be transformed into creative decor projects, perfect for adding rustic charm.

Use an old window as a wall mirror for added glamour in any space by simply removing its panes and installing mirror glass sheet.

Convert an old window into a memo board using tin ceiling tile and magnetic paint for convenient grocery lists or inspiring messages.

4. Repurpose Old Shutters

Old window shutters can be transformed into decorative features for home decor in multiple ways, including being turned into shelves like this one featured on

Shutters make great wall art pieces, such as this adorable one featuring an adorable snowman. This would be an engaging project to do with children.

Make use of shutters by creating pinboards like this one found at Craft Bits to easily and effectively organize your belongings. This provides an effective and simple method for keeping everything together and organized.

5. Repurpose Old Bricks

Repurpose old bricks that have accumulated on your property into exciting landscape beautification projects for an aesthetic upgrade – garden paths or fire pits will look beautiful using this versatile material!

Framed city maps make a striking and modern statement piece for your walls. This DIY project is straightforward and costs virtually nothing to complete.

6. Repurpose Old Wine Corks

Corks can make stunning and functional crafting and decor projects. Consider using them to make a playful cork monogram like this one from savedbylovecreations.

Corks can also be used to craft an attractive bath mat or assembled into an eye-catching cork board like this one from diys.

These containers are an ideal way to organize stud earrings or any small trinkets, including keys.

7. Repurpose Old Glass

Repurposing and upcycling are fun DIY projects that help save money on home decor. From old glass jars to wooden pallets, you can transform them into stylish yet unique pieces for your home.

Clothing and textiles can also be upcycled to create new items such as tote bags. Upcycling is an eco-friendly solution while saving money at the same time!

8. Repurpose Old Wood

Upcycling allows you to add your unique personal flair into budget-friendly home decor. For instance, salvaged planks of weathered wood can easily become chic wall hooks as seen here.

Old windows make great shelving units when upcycled in this manner, creating unique shelving solutions and giving any living room a refreshed new aesthetic. Paint them a vibrant hue for added pop.

9. Repurpose Old Fabric

Upcycling keeps items out of landfills while simultaneously reducing textile waste, as well as saving energy by not having to manufacture items from scratch.

Upcycled items often include old picture frames transformed into stylish wall art, repurposed mason jars used as candle holders and wooden pallets transformed into seating groups or shelving. Decorative pillows and cushion covers, woven jean mats and pocket wall organizers are also common upcycling projects.

10. Repurpose Old Wallpaper

Adding wallpaper to your home decor can be both exciting and creative. From leftover pieces from a redecorating project, or simply looking to give an item its own distinctive character, there are numerous ways in which unused wallpaper pieces can be recycled into something useful in your decor.

Craft Containers Made Out Of Wallpaper. Upcycling And DIY Projects Can Add Style To Your Home. These upcycling projects offer great ways to add flair to any room in the house!

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