Underscoring special pieces of home decor or furniture can have a major impact. Instead of opting for the same-old-same-old look, try accentuating preexisting architectural details such as crown molding or wooden beams with new decor that complements their style and texture.

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Add a Touch of Elegance

Charm and elegance are something nearly every homeowner seeks, and it is much simpler than you may realize to achieve them in your home. From selecting aesthetically appealing dining tables to hanging eye-catching wall art and installing hardwood floors and stairs made with natural materials, there are countless ways you can make it classier than ever. Even small touches such as handwritten calligraphic cards will show guests your home exudes classiness.

Add a Touch of Vintage

Vintage decor items add warmth and charm to homes. Steeped in history, such as family heirlooms or rare finds at flea markets, they add character and variety to contemporary spaces that may sometimes feel cold or stark.

Add vintage style to your home by decorating with containers with lids such as vases, jars, or anything that has an intricate detail that makes them even more stunning when lit or unlit, creating stunning focal points in any space.

Search dusty boxes in the attic for old tea sets or your mom’s wedding china to use as decorative elements around your home. Reusing suitcases into nightstands or end tables or adding an ornate Maharajah chair as a focal point are other ideas for recycling vintage pieces into decorations for living rooms and bedrooms. When buying vintage, keep quality craftsmanship and timeless design in mind when selecting pieces to purchase.

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