Make use of any spare bedroom or unused area in the house as an ideal exercise space by hanging an inspirational wall poster, adding timer and good lighting – it can make the area personalized and inspiring!

Pad the floor with interlocking rubber mats that are easy to keep clean while offering cushioned support when jumping rope, squat-jumping or performing burpees. Some manufacturers such as Peloton offer compact stationary bikes and treadmills which fit seamlessly into any room.

Spare Bedroom

Your extra bedroom could make an excellent place for creating a workout space, depending on its size and your fitness goals. By installing pull up bars, yoga mats and workout equipment in this extra space you can work up a sweat without needing to go outside during peak times or pay membership fees at gyms.

Employing your attic as a home gym is another fantastic idea. Although most attics are typically filled with cobwebs and holiday decor that have fallen to pieces over time, with hard work this space can become your workout oasis. Utilizing shelves or old dressers as storage space will allow you to organize free weights, exercise balls and other equipment effectively.

Install a sound system into your workout space to stay motivated and entertained during home workouts. From traditional speakers and Bluetooth options, to hands-free devices like Amazon Echo or Apple HomePod, having a good sound system will enhance the experience.


No matter the reason for wanting to opt-out of gym membership or simply looking for an alternative way of staying fit, creating an in-home workout space may help meet fitness goals without leaving home. Converting your spare bedroom, basement or garage may provide the perfect place for sweating it out and building strength without needing to leave home every time you workout!

Garage gyms tend to be dark and devoid of natural light, so consider installing windows to bring sunlight in as well as overhead lights for convenience and motivation. Furthermore, adding mirrors will allow you to watch your form and technique when performing strength training exercises while wall racks or cabinets can store equipment safely and conveniently.

Keep yourself inspired in your workout area with inspiring fitness wall art or decals, like wall decals of fitness figures or quotes, to stay motivated. Encourage active living for kids by adding kid-friendly equipment like basketball hoops or home climbing walls into their exercise regimen; in your garage gym you may use portable and stationary equipment, like dumbbells, benches, balls bands mats.


If you own a large shed, this space could become the ideal workout area. An efficient home gym needs to be insulated properly to maintain consistent temperature conditions; have electricity to accommodate electrical exercise equipment; and meet code-mandated setback distance requirements from streets, driveways, sidewalks, septic tanks, leach fields, wetland areas and easements.

Make your workout zone an aesthetically pleasing environment by installing mirrors for self-checking during workouts, wall clocks with second hands and music players like iPods (if floor space permits). A small fridge could come in handy to store energy drinks cold enough for instantaneous hydration during exercises.

Maintaining your exercise regime requires motivation, and having your own dedicated workout space can increase this motivation. A well-appointed shed can make exercising more appealing than dusty gym in garage or attic and will also reduce injury from tripping over dumbbells! A clean home gym will also make workouts simpler to use and less likely cause accidents tripping over them by being organized and clean.


If your home features an unfinished basement, transforming it into an affordable workout space may be possible. Start by clearing away any clutter which would obstruct an organized design scheme for workout classes and equipment.

If possible, add windows to brighten and make the room seem airier, encouraging more frequent gym usage. Otherwise, recessed lighting can illuminate the area attractively.

Once your plan is in motion, the details need to be finalized. Achieve success requires creating an inspiring space that motivates you to get fit: add TV so you can work out to music you enjoy; set up a white board to monitor progress; place a mini-fridge nearby so your water stays cold throughout your workout; use shelves or hooks on the wall as storage solutions when not in use (instead of drilling directly into walls for ease of access); consider using command strips instead of drilling into walls when hanging equipment for an easier look!

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